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Consulting Philosophy and Approach

BMR Consulting, LLC uses an "empowerment approach" to all of its consulting services.  The intent is to train, guide, and coach with the result that accountability and data-driven decision-making are fully embedded in your ongoing management and governance of your organization.  The focus is on internal capacity building.  I believe in the capacity of organizations of all sizes to engage in evaluation and accountability as core components of effective management and governance.

As a consultant, I do not want you to rely on me over time to do your evaluation and accountability work for you, but rather to consult with you as you need my assistance.  As you recruit new board members and new staff, I am available to assist with orientation and skill building in accountability and the use of data to guide decisions and strategic actions.  But these skills need to be embedded in all that you do as an organization.

My work with foundations and other funders is aimed toward maximizing their return on investment of grant dollars by enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of their grantee organizations.  This means helping those organizations at the proposal stage be to be clear about articulating program intent and building in accountability systems for how proposed services will be delivered (formative evaluation and fidelity) and accountability for their results with valid and reliable measures of  client, program or system-level change ( outcome evaluation).

Your role as one of my clients is to embrace the partnership that is central to the empowerment philosophy which includes agreeing to invest the time and intellectual work that it takes to weave what you learn from me into the core fabric of your organization allowing you to maximize long term effectiveness and ensure sustainability.

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