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It was indeed an honor to have you facilitate the Strategic Planning session during the FOCAL Board/Staff Retreat in Shocco Springs.

We were enlightened and enriched by the techniques you taught and feel we have come away with a plan that can be easily implemented and followed over the next two-year period. As important, we believe that we have found a wonderful resource and a friend for our work. We are looking forward to getting started on this journey that will increase our overall FOCAL membership, spread the CATCH Program and strengthen our FOCAL board.

Sophia Bracy Harris , Federation of Child Care Centers of Alabama Inc. Montgomery, AL

I want to let you know how much the staff and I enjoyed working with Dr. Barbara Morrison-Rodriguez. She was extremely helpful with assisting in creation of a logic model approach to the church nurse program which included evaluation instruments and nurse documentation. She was professional, cooperative, helpful, and a general pleasure to work with. The success of our program can be in part attributed to her hard work and efforts on our behalf.

Janet Di Leo - Director, Congregational Wellness Division, The McFarland Institute New Orleans, Louisiana

I am the executive director of a nonprofit organization dedicated to social and community change. Dr. Morrison-Rodriguez has been extremely suited to the task of working with us through implementation of program innovation and management systems. She has been instrumental in moving staff and board to a new appreciation an engagement in empowerment evaluation methods. Her manner is unfailingly professional, focused and sincere. She communicates her ideas forcefully, but respectfully. She is very sensitive to group dynamics and adept at recognizing and working through difficult issues with the group.

Daniella Levine, JD, MSW - Executive Director, Human Services Association - Miami, Florida

I have worked with Dr. Morrison-Rodriguez in the area Empowerment Evaluation for almost four years and found her technical expertise, her ability to communicate the technical aspects of evaluation , . . . the value of program evaluation to non-evaluators, and her ability to move groups forward to be excellent. She is certainly an asset to this organization. She is in her third year under contract with us for evaluation consulting. She is a pleasure to work with, reliable and always has the best interests of the organization in mind. I find her to be an extraordinarily valuable resource and am confident you will have the same experience.

Rhonda Davis Poirier, Dr. PH, President and CEO, JaxCare - Health Care Program for the Uninsured